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Spring 2017 makeup trends to try right now

By : Rebecca Fearn

This Spring/Summer, makeup and beauty took a turn. In continuation from last season’s ‘you-do-you’ approach, it was less about trends and more about a new feeling of ‘whatever goes’. In saying that, there were still noticeable running themes throughout the shows.

Colour took centre stage on the eyes and the lips, with bright red pouts, glistening glitter and electric hues on the eyes all spotted backstage. Nails and skin were pared-down but incredibly chic, with the words ‘athletic’ and ‘radiant’ constantly springing to mind.

The most important message we took away from Spring/Summer 2017 was that of personality. It’s no longer about strictly adhering to a fixed set of trends, it’s about playing with what you’ve got.

Take a look at the most prominent makeup and beauty looks for Spring/Summer 2017…

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